6th Dec 2023




* macOS app is currently unsigned, so after trying to run it for the first time, you ned to go to the system security settings and allow it there.

This is a BETA release!

Expect bugs, and exercise caution by testing things first before running destructive operations on important data.

Future plans

Beta progress

List of things that need to be done before app leaves beta.

On drop options tweaking & editors
Hold Shift while dropping items to tweak profile options per drop. Hold Ctrl to display an editor if processor provides one.
Equal Win/Mac/Linux support
Setting up package building and app updating for all 3 platforms.
Plugin API stabilization
Deciding on and locking the plugin API.
UI improvements
Profiles grid layout/management improvements, and general UI polish.
General bugfixes
Please report bugs in the Drovp issue tracker.


Features on a wishlist once out of beta.

Complex profiles
Compose nocode style node based pipelines between multiple processors and filters.
Operations persistency
Saving queued operations so that they persist between app relaunches.
Each profile can set up directory/file watchers and run operations on new/changed files.
Set up pre-filed operations and run them on various events, manually by clicking a button, or with global shortcuts.
New plugin.registerLocale() API for localizing both app and plugins.
ES modules support for plugins
Currently blocked by electron (#2).


The current plan is to provide a free personal, and $19.95 pro commercial tiers of the app.

Free version will have the same functionality, but restricted number of profiles and profile tabs that can be created.