11th Feb 2023


  • Improved dependency load/install error modals.
  • Improved modifiers info table style.
  • Increased default Node.js update interval to 3 months.


2nd Feb 2023


  • Added an app setting to control operations' process priority.
  • Redesigned options in compact mode to be way more compact.
  • Display processor name on profile page next to title.
  • Other UI tweaks and fixes.


15th Dec 2022


  • Add Operations section.
  • Consolidate outputs history into one place limited by one option.
  • Move option resets into context menu.
  • Visualize changed options.
  • UI tweaks and fixes.
  • Implement payload editor.
  • Improved staging UI.
  • API: Rename dependency utils cleanup to prepareEmptyDirectory.
  • API: Add id and name props to dependency install and load utils.


  • Directory cleanup sometimes failing on windows when parent directory open in explorer.
  • Adding indicator wrapping title.
  • Batch progress getting out of sync sometimes when deleting queed operations.
  • Eta calculation producing infinity when progress updates too infrequent.
  • Binary blobs not being serialized and deserialized properly.


26th Aug 2022

  • Minor security concern has been patched. Please update just to be sure.
  • UI tweaks.

Encode and rename plugins have editors now!

25th Aug 2022

In recent updates, both encode and rename received editor UIs. You can see them in action in the tutorial video for each plugin:

Encode tutorial Rename tutorial

Encode editor

Encode editor can crop, rotate, flip, cut, speed up, and even concatenate videos!

Encode editor screenshot

Editor and concatenation can either be enabled statically by enabling the respective option for each feature in the curren't profile's options, or dynamically per drop by holding modifier keys:

Ctrl - open editor
Alt - concatenate multiple inputs instead of encoding them one by one
Alt+Ctrl - open editor for upcoming concatenation (edit media files on a timeline)

Rename preview

In rename editor, you can preview and tweak the template for your upcoming renaming job.

Encode editor screenshot

Preview can also be enabled either statically in current profile's options, or dynamically per each drop by holding the Ctrl key.

You can also use this to preview file meta data, which becomes available when template includes any ${meta.prop} values.

And any custom template used in the preview is saved in the history for easy reuse later.


20th Aug 2022

UI tweaks and fixes.