11th Aug 2022

  • UI Tweaks and fixes.
  • Updated dependencies.


  • Fixed expandDirectory() deciders not receiving options parameter.


6th Aug 2022

  • Import codes now include only options that differ from defaults, which significantly shrinks their size. This is optional and can be disabled.
  • Tons of UI tweaks and fixes.


  • ProcessorConfig's bulk and expandDirectory deciders now accept meta: {modifiers: string} as 3rd parameter. modifiers is a string with modifiers pressed when dropping the item into the profile. Read docs for more info.
  • Added pluginDataPath to LoadUtils, InstallUtils, and dataPath to PreparatorUtils, ProcessorUtils. These are both the same path that leads to a directory where plugin should store it's session data that should persist.
  • Modifiers were changed from lowercase to PascalCase.
  • Fixed PrepartorUtils.nodePath pointing to directory instead of the binary file.


28th May 2022


  • App & Plugin changelogs can now be viewed directly in the app about page, and each plugin's page.
  • UI improvements, tweaks, and fixes.

Plugin API:

  • Plugins can make their changelogs available inside the app by using github's Releases, just don't forget to link your repository in your package.json:repository field. Other repository providers are not supported atm.
  • PreparatorUtils now contain nodePath, and some app settings such as fontSize, theme, and developerMode.
  • Modifiers ID format, used for example in operation preparators, changed from lower cased alt+shift to PascalCased Alt+Shift.
  • Plugins can now use package.json:engines.drovp to require min app version. for example: >=0.4.0.


7th May 2022

UI tweaks and fixes.


29th Apr 2022


  • Operation Inputs page overflowing when there were many inputs.
  • Other small style tweaks and fixes.


27th Apr 2022


  • UI tweaks and fixes.


  • Operation Payload and Logs pages were overflowing layout.
  • Pause/Resume hotkey preventing space bar from pressing focused buttons.


  • Processor config can now define optionalDependencies for dependencies that should not prevent profiles from executing operations if they're missing.